How Hepa-Merz® works

Hepa-Merz® contains two natural amino acids, L-ornithine and L-aspartate, which have a complex effect on liver function and metabolism, and help to maintain the health of the liver and its normal function.

Clean out the toxins

In patients with fatty liver disease, one of the functions of the liver is disturbed – detoxifying the body. As a result, toxins accumulate and negatively affect the brain. Hepa-Merz® quickly cleanses the body of toxins (ammonia), improves the general condition and cognitive function.

… increases concentration and attention at work and while driving
… reduces fatigue and irritability
… helps you sleep normally

Re-energize liver cells

In fatty liver disease, fat molecules fill the space inside the liver cells and impair their function. In particular, the mitochondria, the „power stations of the cells,“ produce an insufficient amount of energy to perform the normal functions of the liver. Hepa-Merz effectively restores the energy of liver cells.

… increases energy production in the liver cells
… allows the liver to effectively perform its functions

Activate liver function

When there is sufficient energy in the liver cells, the liver literally „turns on“ and begins to fully perform its functions, of which there are more than 500. Hepa-Merz® helps normalize the functions of the liver.

… normalizes liver performance in analyses (ALT, AST, GGTP)
… reduces unpleasant symptoms such as stomach discomfort
… improves general well-being

Improve metabolism

The liver synthesizes a lot of substances to ensure the vital functions of the body. In people with liver disease, metabolism is significantly impaired which is manifested as unpleasant symptoms.

… normalizes increased body weight
… helps produce insulin and growth hormone
… improves protein metabolism