Hepa-Merz®: Efficacy and tolerability

Hepa-Merz® (L-ornithine L-aspartate, LOLA) has proven itself for decades in the treatment of concomitant and secondary diseases that develop due to disturbed detoxification performance of the liver with the symptoms of latent and manifest hepatic encephalopathy (HE).

The efficacy and tolerability of Hepa-Merz® has been investigated in numerous scientific studies with more than 2,000 patients.

Hepa-Merz® has a unique dual mechanism to fight HE1

The amino acids in Hepa-Merz® detoxify ammonia in the liver and in the muscles. Other treatments (e.g. lactulose, antibiotics, diet with a proper level of protein of <40 g/day) only affect gut ammonia, they don’t directly affect ammonia metabolism.1–3 Watch the video to learn more about how Hepa-Merz® works.

Hepa-Merz® is efficient and tolerable4

Thanks to its proven efficacy and good tolerability, Hepa-Merz® is recommended for the symptomatic treatment of patients with chronic liver disease who did not respond to non-drug interventions.4

Hepa-Merz® targets neurotoxic ammonia5–7

Hepa-Merz® significantly reduces plasma ammonia levels whether administered orally or via intraveneous infusion.5–7In a study, 6 g of oral Hepa-Merz® administered 3 x daily decreased ammonia concentrations by 37%.5

Hepa-Merz® improves cognitive symptoms and quality of life7

More than 95 percent reported that their health-related quality of life improved.7

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