Nutritional tips – a balanced diet for your liver

On this page, you will find some general tips and recommendations for a healthy nutrition. Maybe not all of them apply to you – if you are not sure, please talk to your doctor.

Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol is the biggest enemy of the liver! Also think of hidden alcohol in chocolates and other foods.

Fruit and vegetables 5 times a day

Whether as a snack or main meal, eat fruit or vegetables at least five times a day. They strengthen your immune system and your liver!

Many small meals instead of three big ones

Eating smaller meals allows you to continuously supply your body with nutrients – without overloading your liver.

Avoid foods you do not tolerate well

These are, for example, very fatty foods, unripe fruit or vegetables such as cabbage that might cause flatulence.

Eat a varied and balanced diet

This way, your body almost automatically gets all the nutrients it needs – and food stays interesting as well!

Choose gentle cooking methods

The right cooking methods can help preserve important ingredients and vitamins in your food: Steaming, cooking in a pressure cooker and frying in coated pans with only with little fat. 

Always eat slowly and consciously

Also avoid eating too hot or too cold food. 

Use fresh ingredients

Fresh ingredients still have all their nutrients. Buying very fresh food can also protect you from mold and other substances that are harmful to the liver. Try to avoid convenience products and fast food.

Know where your food comes from

Nowadays, many food products from industrialized mass production may contain poisonous and foreign substances. So try to buy as many local, organic products as possible – this is especially important for people with liver disease.